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The tooth got lost? We can replace the missing tooth with crowns, bridges and dentures made in our own laboratory.

An accident, dental decay or periodontitis – there are several reasons why a tooth is lost. And now? Our dental technicians manufacture high-quality teeth replacements in our in-house laboratory. Your benefits? Faster treatments and faster solutions.

This includes crowns, bridges and dentures so that

  • your gaps are closed and you can bite into your favourite foods
  • you can speak and smile with confidence
  • your teeth are protected and preserved for a long time.

Removable or fixed tooth replacement? We will be happy to welcome you in our dental clinic in Egerkingen and to advise you on the several options available.

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Why should we replace missing teeth?

Healthy upper and lower teeth fit perfectly together. A gap spoils the appearance and endangers the health of your teeth.

● The adjacent teeth lack support and may move and tip into the gap.
● The upper and lower teeth do not fit together very well anymore causing strains of your jaw muscles and you feel tense.
● The jaw bone degenerates over time because the missing tooth can no longer produce any pressure, which makes it more difficult to replace the tooth later.

Replacement of the tooth crown

The crown is the visible part of the tooth above the gum.

Crowns made of full ceramic or a metal-ceramic compound save a damaged tooth. First of all, we will take a dental cast. After that, our dental technicians produce a custom-fit copy of your natural tooth crown. The remaining part of the tooth is smoothed so that we can securely fasten the crown. You will not notice or see any difference to your natural tooth.

A bridge closes larger gaps

Do you have several teeth missing? In this case, we fasten an artificial tooth replacement on a bridge. The adjacent teeth serve as pillars, they are smoothed and crowned to ensure the firm positioning of the bridge. Afterwards, the bridge is cemented or glued onto the crown. Implants could be another option – artificial tooth roots that are firmly anchored in the jaw. Find out more about this procedure in the section Firm replacement teeth on artificial tooth roots

Easy to clean and to care: removable dentures

If a bridge is not sufficient, we deploy removable (partial) dentures. Partial dentures are attached to the existing teeth similar to bridges. They are made out of various materials:

  • Cast clasps
  • Attachment prosthesis
  • Press-stud prosthesis

We are happy to welcome you in our clinic where we inform you about the various options and their advantages.

A full denture is placed in your mouth if all teeth are missing:

  • It is the conventional alternative of your tooth replacement.

You would like to have firm teeth? In this case our “All-on-4” method for “firm teeth in a day” might be a good option for you. We will be happy to advise you.

Removable or fixed on implants:

We find the best tooth replacement solution for you. Book an appointment and soon you will be able to show the world your brightest smile:

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