The speciality of orthodontics

Orthodontist Med. dent. Kristina Sleiter-Bajic is your expert for straight teeth and a correct bite

Only very few people are born with straight teeth. Whether they are inherited, shifted by sucking on the dummy or have moved into a gap – there are many reasons why teeth become crooked. We use fixed and removable braces to push them back into the best position. Having a correct bite looks beautiful and supports your health.
Kristina Sleiter-Bajic holds a degree in dentistry and took three years of postgraduate studies to specialise in orthodontics. She is your specialist in the Canton of Solothurn. With empathy and experience, she handles even the most complex malocclusions.

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All expert knowledge under one roof: your advantage at Dentalspecialist

Orthodontist, oral surgeon and dentist: find all experts under one roof at the Dentalspecialist clinic in Egerkingen.

Your wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Oral surgeon Dr. Roberto Sleiter can remove them gently and with only one quick session. This means we can continue your orthodontic therapy without losing any time. Read more about oral surgery.

Braces and clean teeth?

A professional teeth cleaning treatment can be particularly useful if you are wearing fixed braces. This can be done directly in our clinic if you wish so. Read more about the prophylaxis treatment provided by Dentalspecialist.

General orthodontics

How do braces work? Why do teeth move? Does the wire annoy me when I’m eating? We will tell you.

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Braces for children and teenagers

Does your child need braces? We explain everything you need to know about the therapy, what to expect and why it is necessary.

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Dental braces for adults

You dream of having straight teeth? Invisible aligners or fixed braces partially made from ceramics are among the many options available to make your dream come true, at any age.

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