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Comprehensive dental care in the Canton of Solothurn - Dr. med. dent. Roberto Sleiter is your dentist's partner specialised in complex oral surgery

When your tooth aches, you go to see your dentist. And in most cases, your dentist can help you directly. There are complex cases, however, when your dentist refers you to an oral surgeon, for example If the wisdom tooth is impacted, if the oral mucosa is affected or if a tooth has been knocked out.

Dr. med. dent. Roberto Sleiter is a dentist specialised in oral surgery who helps patients and dentists in Egerkingen, in the Canton of Solothurn. Apart from his dental clinic located in Egerkingen, Dr. Sleiter also holds a position as senior dentist at the department of oral surgery of the university of Bern. He draws on extensive practical experience. We cooperate closely with your treating dentist to find the best therapy for you.

Wisdom teeth

The wisdom teeth need to be extracted? We explain to you when an extraction is the better solution and how we ensure that the procedure is as pain-free as possible.hnen, wann wir die Nachzügler besser entfernen und wie das schmerzarm möglich ist.

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Tooth extraction

Sometimes it’s better to extract an unhealthy tooth. With the right experience and know-how, this can be done in a few minutes, and you won’t hardly notice anything.

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Diseases of the oral mucosa

Do you have white spots or painful blisters? The reasons for changes of the oral mucosa can be manifold. We find the cause and a suitable therapy.

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If a piece of your tooth breaks off, you should react immediately. In many cases, we can save your teeth if you visit us without delay.

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Bone augmentation

All teeth need a solid basis. Is your jaw bone shrinking? We have the possibility to restore its strength and build a strong support for implants.

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Whether you have missing teeth or no teeth at all: the best replacement is one that nobody sees. Artificial tooth roots are exact copies of the original.

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All-on-4: Firm teeth

Toothless in the morning and enjoying your favourite food with firm teeth in the evening. This is made possible by the All-on-4 method. Interested?

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General anaesthesia or laughing gas: keep calm and relaxed or sleep through your operation. Our anaesthesia team will stay with you all the time.

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