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A better quality of life and a better bite with tooth implants

Don’t let your teeth decide what you can eat. Decide for yourself where and when you want to have a hearty bite – into any kind of tasty and healthy food you like.

The implants serve as fixed roots for your new teeth. They are the permanent basis for crowns and bridges:

  • Get fast and permanent replacements for missing teeth.
  • You receive a replacement that looks and works just like a natural tooth.
  • This also prevents bone resorption of the jaw and prevents further tooth loss.
  • We are very conscious not to cut any healthy teeth to attach bridges.
  • Our All-on-4 method also gives toothless persons the possibility to have firm replacement teeth placed on implants.

The oral surgeon, Dr. Sleiter, uses implants to replace one or several teeth or even completely toothless jaws. Enjoy your life with firm new teeth.

Book an appointment at our clinic in Egerkingen and soon you can have a hearty bite into your favourite food.

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Implants - the artificial tooth roots

Implants are made of titanium or ceramic and serve as artificial tooth roots. They are the pillars for firm replacements with crowns, bridges or prostheses. We embed these small anchors firmly into the jaw bone, exactly on the place of the missing tooth.
An implant has three components:

  • The implant body is the artificial tooth root. It will be embedded into the jaw bone where it fuses with the bone.
  • The implant abutment looks like a little pillar. This pillar will carry your replacement later.
  • The implant crown is the visible component. Crowns, bridges or prostheses can be attached to it.
How does the procedure work?

By using precise artisanry and modern technology. Find out more on our site about firm teeth in a day.

Why do we replace missing teeth?

Of course, you can live with a gap betwwen your teeth. Especially on the sides, where others cannot see them when you smile. But:

  • Adjacent teeth move into the gap and influence your bite.
  • If the chewing pressure of the teeth is missing, the jaw bone will resorb.
  • This makes an implantation more difficult, and healthy adjacent teeth lose their basis.

Nobody has to live with a gap in between the teeth. If we have to extract a tooth, we try to replace it, if possible, during the same session to reduce the duration of the treatment.

Bone augmentation: artificial tooth roots also require a solid basis.

Just like any natural tooth root, the artificial tooth root requires a stable foothold in the jaw bone. Have you lived with a gap for a longer period of time? Then, your jaw bone might need a bone augmentation first.

We build up your bone

The way how this bone augmentation exactly works, is described on our page about bone augmentation.

All about implants: frequently asked questions about artificial roots

Read the most frequently asked questions of our patients in Egerkingen.

How do I take care of my tooth implants?

The best care is the same you use for your natural teeth, i.e. you should brush your implants two or three times a day. We recommend to use also dental floss and interdental brushes to reach the embrasure spaces.

Is a fixed replacement suitable for everyone?

Dr. Sleiter embeds several hundred implants per year and helped many people to have firm replacement teeth. Basically, this type of replacement is suitable for most people.

Your jaw bone is too small? We have various options to strengthen your bone. And the modern All-on-4 method allows for implants without bone augmentation.

I don't have any teeth left. Can I still have implants?

All the teeth in your upper or lower jaw are missing? In this case, implants are an ideal solution if you wish to have a fixed replacement. With our All-on-4 method we can provide you with firm teeth which are placed on 4 implants only. And the treatment only takes one day. If you are interested in this solution, we would be happy to welcome you to one of our informational events, or find more information at the following link: Firm teeth in a day.

What are the costs of an implant?

The implant costs are variable. We take various factors into account:

  • Is there a pre-existing gap between the teeth or do we have to extract one or several teeth first?
  • How many implants have to be embedded?
  • Is a bone augmentation needed first?
  • What type of replacement will be fastened?

We will discuss all these questions together with you during the first consultation. You will receive a transparent cost estimate which includes details of every step of the therapy. Always bear in mind: a tooth implant is an investment into your health and quality of life. Together we will find a solution.

Are you convinced?

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