In good hands in case of emergency

The tooth broke off? Better act quickly if the teeth or the jaw are injured in an accident.

Sporting accident, car crash or falling accident? Sometimes it only takes a little carelessness and the tooth is cracked. The time a tooth or a piece of tooth remains outside the mouth decides if we can save the tooth.

Oral surgeons have a variety of possibilities available to rescue teeth that have broken or fallen out. This special area of oral surgery is called “traumatology”.

In our oral surgery clinic in Egerkingen, we can help for example in the event of

  • teeth that have fallen off, broken off or loosened
  • (partially) fractured bones in the jaw or face
  • damaged soft tissue in the mouth or jaw area

Your specialist for injuries of the jaw and face

When it comes to damages of teeth and jaws caused by accidents, oral surgeon Dr. med. dent. Sleiter will be ready to assist you. You are looking for a second opinion or continuing therapy? We support patients, dentists and referrers.

You had a dental accident?

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Where should I keep a knocked-out tooth?

Many accidents directly affect the teeth. If you react immediately, we can often save knocked out or broken off teeth. Where should you keep the teeth or parts of teeth until you reach our clinic?

  • Ideally, you have a so-called tooth rescue box at hand.
    You can buy them at any pharmacy.
  • If you don’t have a rescue box, put the tooth in cold milk.
    Time is crucial, so you should visit our practice or another dental clinic without delay.

We set the tooth back into the socket, also called dental alveolus. Parts of teeth that broke off can be glued together or can be directly rebuilt.


Gumshields for athletes

Do you play ice hockey or do mountain biking? Do you exercise martial arts like boxing or kick boxing? Do your children do a lot of physical exercise? We are happy to welcome you in our clinic and explain to you how sport gumshields can prevent accidents.

We show you how your teeth can be protected by a sports gumshield.

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