Dentures without waiting period

One visit – teeth all fitted: the CEREC system allows us to quickly restore your teeth.wir Zahnersatz in nur einer Sitzung

Ceramic Reconstruction: sounds a little bit like “under construction”, but it’s not a building site, it’s the latest state-of-the-art development in dental technology. What exactly does that mean? Your teeth will be reconstructed with high-quality ceramic material. Usually, one visit in our clinic is enough: this saves time and money. To provide this service, dentists and dental technicians are working hand in hand and under the same roof at our Dentalspecialist clinic in Egerkingen.
No more gagging reflex: one great side effect is that you no longer have to bite into a silicon compound as we use modern intra-oral scanners to take precise digital impressions of your teeth.

Your benefits:

  • Usually, your teeth will be reconstructed in one session.
  • You don’t have to wear provisional teeth.
  • No more discomfort associated with silicon impressions.

The CEREC method allows us to produce:

  • Fillings,
  • Ceramic inlays and onlays,
  • Fully ceramic veneers and crowns.

Individual, tailor-made tooth reconstruction

Your new teeth will be produced in three steps:

  1. We digitalize your set of teeth - no mould required:
    We use a small 3D camera to take images of your teeth or the area that will be treated. Annoying moulds for silicone impressions are no longer required.
  2. Our CEREC manufacture unit produces your new teeth:
    The special software (CAD-CAM technology) creates a digital, three-dimensional model of your teeth. If you are happy with this model teeth, the data will be transferred to the CEREC milling unit.
  3. Your new teeth will be fitted directly:
    The CEREC unit cuts your new teeth from a ceramic block. The new teeth will be fitted directly, no provisional set of teeth is required.

Thanks to the CEREC technology, you only have to visit our clinic once and can go back home with a high-quality set of new teeth.

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