For a painless and safe treatment.

Dentist appointment without any stress? You can relax while under anaesthesia or the influence of laughing gas.

You are completely calm. You breathe peacefully and steadily, and your thoughts are circling around something beautiful. This is what your next appointment at the dentist could be like. Unbelievable? Today there are many options available to give you relaxation.

The choice is yours:

  • Local anaesthesia: an anaesthetic is injected into those areas of your mouth that will be treated later.
  • General anaesthesia: You will undergo an operation? You will have an implant embedded? You are scared? If you decide to have a general anaesthesia, you will sleep happily through the treatment.
  • Laughing gas: our recipe for a good mood – a mixture of laughing gas and oxygen. You are awake but will experience the treatment in a calm and stress-free manner. This method is also suitable for children above the age of five.

We will discuss with you which method might be the best for you. You had a negative dentist experience? Reach out to us, we will take our time. We explain to you how the treatment can be performed without pain and free of fear.

Relaxed in the dentist's chair?

Relaxed on the dentist chair? We find the most suitable method for you. Book a consultation date:

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Calm and without fear: when do we use general anaesthesia?

You will undergo an operation? You are scared of the dentist? Then we will be happy to put you to sleep. Thanks to the general anaesthesia, you master your appointment at the dentist as if you were dreaming.

Our experienced anaesthesia team will assist you during the entire treatment. Do not hesitate to speak with us if you wish to have detailed information.

Laughing gas: the stress-free alternative, also for children

Laughing gas is a proven alternative method. You inhale a mixture of laughing gas (⅓) and oxygen (⅔) via a nose mask. This has a calming effect and at the same time reduces stress and the sense of pain. But you remain awake and responsive.

The advantage compared to a general anaesthesia is that laughing gas can be controlled individually. Once we have finished the treatment, we will administer pure oxygen for a few minutes. The laughing gas will quickly disappear from the body and its effects wear off.

Laughing gas is very well tolerated and can be dosed very exactly. That is why we also use it for children above the age of 5. Does your son our daughter have to undergo a major treatment? We are happy to explain to you if the usage of laughing gas makes sense.

What are the costs of the anaesthesia?

The costs of an anaesthesia are very individual and based on several factors. What type of anaesthesia will be used? For how long does the anaesthesia have to be effective? If we plan for a general anaesthesia, we check your condition and fitness before.

The anaesthesia is usually covered by the standard health insurance if the treatment is medically indicated. In all other cases, you have to bear the costs.

We discuss with you which anaesthesia makes sense. You will receive a transparent cost estimate.

Fear should never be a reason not to see the dentist.

We are happy to advise you on the various anaesthesia options:

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