Healthy starts in the mouth

Prophylaxis and professional teeth cleaning – the basis of healthy teeth.

You take your car to be serviced regularly because, after all, you want to use it for as long as possible. How about your teeth, then? We see you at least twice a year in our dental clinic in Egerkingen. Prophylaxis and professional teeth cleaning are the maintenance service for your teeth and gums.

Regular prophylaxis is key to your overall health.

  • You prevent periodontitis and tooth decay:

We treat small cavities and bacterial infections before they become a real issue.

  • How to protect teeth, gums and replacement teeth:

A professional cleaning removes dangerous plaque and bacteria.

  • How to become a dental hygiene expert:

Our dental hygienists provide valuable information about the best care hygiene at home so that your teeth will stay with you for a lifetime.

Healthy teeth until an old age?

This is possible with the right prevention scheme. Our dental hygienists show you how you can achieve this.
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No chance for decay and periodontitis: our check-up identifies the weak points

A quick bite into your toast in the morning, a chocolate pudding to calm down the nerves for lunch and a few crispy nuts in the evening: our teeth have an arduous workday. If we eat too much sugar or acidic food, the health of the oral microflora might be affected. Dangerous bacteria propagate and attack the teeth and gums making it easy for decay and periodontitis.

This is why it is extremely important that you clean your teeth thoroughly twice a day. Dental floss and interdental brushes help you get rid of food particles that tend to persist between the teeth.

Twice a year, you visit our clinic for an intensive deep cleaning where our dental hygienists start the procedure with analysing the condition of your teeth:

  • Are the gums snug against the teeth?

This will be measured as so-called periodontal pockets – gaps between tooth and gum – could be the first signs of periodontitis.

  • Are the teeth all healthy?

We check the teeth for any cavities.

  • Is the oral microflora in good order?

We analyse the plaque and in certain cases the amount and type of germs and bacteria.

Our certified dental hygienists: your professionals for healthy teeth

You wonder what exactly a dental hygienist is? They are professional experts for healthy teeth. In our clinic, they are in charge of your individual prophylaxis and professional cleaning treatment. Our eight dental hygienists share one aim: they want our young and adult patients to keep their healthy teeth and wonderful smiles for a lifetime.

Prevention over cure:

We always stress the importance of prevention and we spend all the time necessary to explain everything you need to know about perfect oral care and the necessary tools, such as tooth brushes, dental floss and interdental brushes.

Our dental hygienists are all certified by the Swiss authorities and have the relevant diplomas.


What if something happens?

What if something happens? Here you find detailed information on how we make invisible repairs of small cavities or chipped teeth.

Prophylaxis and professional teeth cleaning: a proven team for the health of your teeth

Professional teeth cleaning is an essential component of dental prophylaxis. It is like the “intensive washing programme” for your teeth.

Do you brush your teeth twice a day? Maybe you even use dental floss and interdental brushes. There are, however, areas in your mouth that are difficult to clean with your tooth brush, such as the back molars or if the teeth are placed close to each other. These are the areas where plaque can accumulate and cause decay or inflammations after some time.

What is the procedure of a professional teeth cleaning?

Our dental hygienists use state-of-the-art tools and products for a thorough professional cleaning. For example, stubborn plaque is removed with ultra-sonic devices. We spend up to 1.5 hours for you and your teeth.

What to expect:

After having analysed the condition of your teeth, we remove all deposits of plaque and tartar.

  • The spaces between your teeth are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Your teeth are polished to make them pearly white again.
  • If you wish so, we apply fluoride directly to your teeth to harden the dental enamel.
  • Finally, your teeth are sealed so that small fissures on the teeth’s surface disappear, which helps prevent the accumulation of plaque.

Our dental hygienists will provide individual tips on how to best take care of your teeth at home. We show you the areas that require special attention when brushing your teeth. You are interested in a tooth-friendly diet? Our dental professionals will be happy to tell you the best recipes.

What are the costs of a professional cleaning?

The costs depend on the complexity of the professional cleaning. How stubborn are the plaque and tartar deposits? Are your gums inflamed? These factors are relevant for the individual time and effort.

Before we begin any professional cleaning treatment, you will receive an individual cost estimate. The costs are based on the so-called rate conversion factor (Taxpunktwert). For further information visit our treatment costs section.

Invest into the health of your teeth:

Prophylaxis and professional teeth cleaning are your key to healthy teeth and a beautiful shiny smile. Book an appointment:

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