A secure foundation for dental implants

A strong base for your implants: this is how we carry out your bone augmentation.

If you want to hammer a nail into the wall, you check the wall’s substance first. If the wall is too thin, the nail won’t hold. The same applies to replacement teeth placed on implants. They have to be tightly fitted into the jaw bone.

Is your jaw bone too small or too thin? There are various oral surgical options available to strengthen the jaw bone. They serve Dr. med. dent. Sleiter as a strong base for your implants.

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What are the causes of jaw bone resorption?

Our bones, similar to our muscles, need regular training. A certain amount of pressure is required to maintain their resilience. At the same time, the pressure stimulates the bone to continuously renew itself.

Both, bacteria and missing teeth often cause a premature resorption of the jaw bone.

  • If one or several teeth are missing for a longer period of time, the jaw bone will degenerate.
  • Periodontitis, if left untreated, can also affect the bone.
  • Certain metabolic disorders or smoking can also have a negative effect on the bone strength.

Before we carry out a bone augmentation, we make sure that nothing is inflamed. Learn more about our periodontitis therapy.

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With our bone grafting treatment, we make the jaw bone regain its former strength.

All these procedures are routine for us and are carried out with great experience and state-of-the-art technology.

  1. First, we produce an exact image of your jaw bone.
    The image can be two-dimensional or, where indicated, a three-dimensional x-ray image (DVT). The 3D images show us exactly where the bone is too small.
  2. Afterwards, we discuss with you the various options available.
  3. The surgical intervention is an ambulant treatment carried out in our clinic.
    Local anaesthesia will be sufficient for the treatment in most cases. Of course, we can also offer you a treatment under general anaesthesia if you prefer not to witness the procedure.
  4. Augmentation of the upper jaw.
    The bone can be rebuilt by using artificial bone material and a collagen membrane. Sometimes, the bone augmentation can be carried out simultaneously with the implantation. Something Dr. med. dent. Sleiter will decide during the operation. In certain cases, a so-called sinus lift might be indicated where the base of the maxillary sinus is raised a little bit. The artificial bone material is carefully inserted into the newly created space thickening the existing natural bone which subsequently will be covered by a collagen membrane.
  5. Augmentation of the lower jaw.
    The lower jaw is also rebuilt with artificial bone material and covered with a collagen membrane. Subsequently, the wound is closed and left to heal for 2 – 3 months. Sometimes, the bone augmentation can be carried out simultaneously with the implantation. Something Dr. med. dent. Sleiter will decide during the operation.
    A bone graft may also be used to rebuild the lower jaw bone utilizing bone obtained from the chin or the pelvis which will be fixed to the lower jaw with special bolts. This procedure takes longer as the transplant usually needs approximately eight months to fuse with the existing bone. This intervention is performed under general anaesthesia so that you won’t notice anything.

Is bone augmentation always necessary?

The so called All-on-4 method gives us the possibility to embed implants for many patients without the need of undergoing a bone augmentation first. A special technique is used to embed the implants in an inclined angle into the jaw bone. Do not hesitate to speak with us. We will be happy to analyse whether the “Firm teeth in a day” procedure is suitable for you.

Please visit the page firm teeth in a day where you find additional information. We will give you professional advice about the options available so that you regain a powerful bite in almost no time. Book an appointment:

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