The concept for your fixed teeth.

No teeth in the morning and a powerful bite in the evening - made possible by the All-on-4 method in Egerkingen

Often, we notice how valuable firm teeth are only after we have lost them. You don’t eat your favourite food because you can’t chew it? You shy away from showing your smile and cover your mouth so people can’t see the gaps? You are worried that your denture might get out of place when you’re talking?

You have only a few teeth left. Your dentist tells you that you’re going to lose them but you don’t like the idea of a full denture.

However, you also want to take a hearty bite of your crispy breakfast bread with your new teeth? Start laughing without any worries? Show your teeth with confidence during meetings?

The All-on-4 method is your perfect solution:

  • You have firm new teeth within one day.
  • The treatment is so fast because only 4 implants are required per jawbone
  • These are used as pillars on which we fix a bridge with your set of new teeth.
  • The procedure is almost painless. If wish so, you can be operated while under general anaesthesia.
  • Your new artificial teeth feel and look like natural teeth.

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What is a firm replacement fastened on implants?

Healthy teeth are essential for a healthy life. They affect our diet, our feelings and our appearance in front of others. Firm teeth enable us to have a powerful bite, laugh with confidence and look attractive.

Modern dentistry provides many options to replace missing or bad teeth. You can’t imagine placing your dentures in a glass of water for the night? You are scared of the palatal plate required for removable prostheses and that you cannot speak well anymore and that everybody sees your prosthesis?

In this case, a fixed replacement should be your first choice. We embed artificial dental roots firmly into your jaw bone. On these roots, we fasten high quality replacements which fill small and large gaps. Rest assured: they feel like real natural teeth, and your friends won’t notice any difference when you talk or smile.

Who is eligible for the All-on-4 method?

Generally speaking, everybody who needs a denture benefits from this method. We fasten a full-length bridge with your new teeth on the implants. This is why all teeth must be extracted from the jaw bone before we can embed the artificial roots. No reason to be worried: teeth that aren’t worth preserving will be extracted painlessly during the treatment to ensure a perfect positioning of your new teeth.

The All-on-4 method is particularly suitable if:

  • You have lost your own teeth.
  • You will lose your remaining teeth in the nearer future.
  • A removable prosthesis is no solution for you.

Is only one jaw bone affected? Of course, we only will embed your new firm teeth in the affected jaw bone.

Dr. Sleiter will be happy to inform you about all your options regarding firm teeth.

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The All-on-4 method: what is the procedure?

The treatment will take place in one day only. All your questions regarding the operation will be discussed during a first consultation where we will also inform you about the estimated costs. Do you opt for the implantation? Then, we will schedule a second date during which we will thoroughly examine your jaw and the condition of your teeth. We will prepare all things required for the implantation. The implantation itself will start a few days later. Firm teeth in just one day: that’s what we promise you with the All-on-4 method. What exactly does that mean?

The name All-on-4 comes from the number of implants we place in your jaw bone. Usually, only 4 artificial tooth roots will be placed in one jaw bone. If your jaw bone is rather small, we will embed 6 artificial tooth roots (All-on-6). In this case, we cannot embed the roots as deeply and the additional roots will ensure that your new teeth are firmly fixed. We will discuss which version will deliver the best result for you.

A connecting piece (implant abutment) will be screwed onto the artificial tooth roots (implant body). The bridge with your new set of teeth will be fastened onto this abutment. Our internal dental technician will create a dental cast of your jaw with the new implants. Within only a few hours, the technician will build a first provisional but extremely sturdy set of your new teeth which will be firmly screwed in. If you like, you can bite into a juicy steak in the evening after the operation.

A few months later, you will receive your final firm teeth. Why? We want your new teeth to fit perfectly. Your new artificial tooth roots need time to heal. We use this time to adapt the replacement perfectly to your jaw.

Does the treatment really take one day only?

What is happening during the preliminary examination?
First of all, we will take 3D pictures of your jaw with a digital volume tomograph (DVT). This state-of-the-art technology works with significantly less radiation than standard X-ray devices and supplies high resolution 3D pictures.

With these pictures, Dr. Sleiter can determine exactly whether the stability of your jaw bone is sufficient to support your new teeth. If the answer is positive, we will discuss the further procedure of the implantation.

This planning is completely painless for you. You wonder whether the actual operation can be carried out with as little pain as possible? No reason to be worried: We can provide many options to make the implantation almost pain-free for you. We will discuss the various methods with you during the preliminary examination.

Afterwards, we will schedule the date for the implantation.

Firm teeth in a day – what to expect?

You would like to know more details about the day of treatment? We have summarised these in a typical procedure. Of course, each appointment is individual, however the steps remain the same. Rest assured – we will be near you all day long.

  • 08:00 am
    We welcome you to our clinic in Egerkingen, Canton of Solothurn.
  • 08:30 am
    The anaesthetist will put you under general anaesthesia following your individual requests.
  • 08:45 am
    Sleiter starts the implantation. If required, remaining teeth will be extracted before. The artificial tooth roots will be embedded into those positions of your jaw bone that were exactly specified beforehand.
  • 10:45 am – 12:45 pm
    Sleiter finishes the operation and you will wake up calmly. Once you have recovered, our dental technician will create a dental cast of your jaw. He will start immediately to produce your first temporary replacement in our own dental laboratory. While you are waiting in our clinic, you can relax, read or have something to drink.
  • 04:30 pm
    Your first new set of firm teeth is ready. You can wear this temporary replacement for up to 12 months. During this period, we will regularly control the positioning. Your jaw bone might move slightly while your artificial roots are growing into the jaw. This is why we create new casts after a few months in order to produce your final replacement teeth, which will be precisely engineered by our dental technician.
  • 06:00 pm You leave our clinic and show the world your new – totally resilient – teeth.
Any questions?

We are happy to answer these in a personal talk with you. You would like to use All-on-4? Arrange an appointment for your preliminary examination date.

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FAQ: Frequently asked questions about All-on-4

Read the most frequently asked questions of our patients. You would like to know more about Dr. Sleiter and his team? Take advantage of our free and regular informational events about the All-on-4 method in our clinic.
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How long is the operation exactly?

If your jaw is toothless, you should envisage an operation time of 1.5 – 2 hours. Are we going to extract any teeth before? Will both jaws be operated at the same time? In this case, the operation will take longer and you should schedule a time of four hours. No reason to be worried, however: our anaesthetist will ensure that you rest easy during this time.

How long does it take before I can eat normally?

A great advantage of the All-on-4 method is that you can strain your new teeth directly after the operation. The provisional set of teeth will be tightly fixed and is as robust as real teeth. The same evening, you can enjoy a juicy steak or a crispy pizza with your loved ones.

What follows after the operation?

We show you best practices to clean and maintain your replacements. We will see you again for the first two follow-up visits after 6 and 12 weeks. We will check the healing process and the perfect positioning. If required, we will adjust the replacement directly in our clinic.

You will receive your final replacements after one year at the latest. As these are firm teeth, you should clean them as usual with a tooth brush, an interdental brush and dental floss.

You should visit us or your dentist for dental check-ups twice or four times per year. In our clinic, you will get a professional dental cleaning. In order to ensure the perfect positioning of your implants, we will x-ray your jaw if required.

Will I have pain after the implantation?

We arrange for the implantation to be as comfortable as possible. In most cases we use local anaesthesia. When you wake up, everything is over. What happens when the local anaesthesia wears off? We will supply some mild pain relief. Many patients tell us that their new teeth only were a bit pressure-sensitive. This will fade away after few days. You can also plan your anaesthesia together with our anaesthetist team.

How much does the All-on-4 treatment cost?

We can tell you the exact costs only after we have seen you and your teeth. Are there any teeth left that have to be extracted? Do we need 4 or 6 implants? Do you need previous dental treatment, e.g. because your gums are infected? We will discuss all these questions together with you. You will receive a transparent cost estimate.

Don’t make your decision based on the costs. If you wish to enjoy a pleasurable life with firm teeth, we will find a solution together. We will be happy to discuss all options in a personal meeting.

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