Mouthguard thought differently

Do you have white spots in your mouth? This is the way our oral mucosa tells us that we are sick.

Our mouth is the gate to our body and an essential key to a healthy life. Your dentist can detect any changes in your mouth early.

You certainly know this situation: your tongue feels a little blister that wasn’t there yesterday? Spots, blisters or sore areas may indicate various diseases. Sometimes a small tissue sample is required to find out what is wrong with you. In this case, your dentist will refer you to our oral surgery clinic.

As a special oral surgery clinic, located in Egerkingen, Canton of Solothurn,

  • we support your dentist to quickly find the cause of your disease,
  • we carry out a small biopsy to extract tissue samples for a precise analysis in our laboratory,
  • we explain to you the results of the analysis and initiate an appropriate therapy together with your dentist.
Harmless or not?

If you or your dentist discover spots, nodules or blisters, book an appointment in our dental clinic:

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Do you have a disease of the oral mucosa? This is how you can find out.

A healthy oral mucosa is shiny, pink and well-moisturised. On the gums and palate, it looks rather rough and keratinised. This structure protects it from injuries while chewing. On the underside of the tongue, the base of the mouth and on the cheeks and lips, however, it is smooth and elastic.

Clarify these symptoms with your dentist:

  • You discover white or red spots on the oral mucosa.
  • You have sore areas in your mouth which bleed a little.
  • The oral mucosa swells or you feel a strange object.
  • Your teeth are loosening for no reason.
  • You cannot swallow or speak well.

Are blisters and spots dangerous?

Some person’s keratinised mucosa looks white-greyish in certain areas (mucosa nevus). Others tend to have small sebaceous glands in their mouth. In many cases, these are harmless, innate whims of nature, as well as small mouth ulcers and a burnt tongue.

Leukoplakia can be dangerous

If your dentist discovers white spots on your oral mucosa (leukoplakia), you will be referred to our clinic. Leukoplakia can be dangerous because the spots may result in oral cancer.

We take a tissue sample of the conspicuous spot which will be analysed in the laboratory. Often, we can remove these conspicuous spots during the biopsy. You don’t have to be afraid of this medical intervention. The area will be anaesthetised locally.

The therapy will be coordinated with your dentist

As soon as we have the results, you visit our clinic. We explain to you what is your disease and which treatment is necessary. Of course, any therapy will be closely coordinated with your dentist.

Do you have any further questions about biopsy or cancer screening?

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