Solutions for small defects

Perfect fillings cannot be seen and make small defects of the teeth disappear.

Did you know that dental enamel is the hardest material in the body? But even Superman is vulnerable. Tooth decay or a little accident – and presto, there you go. Tooth holes or chipped edges better should be repaired immediately. We use composite or ceramic fillings to supply your teeth with new material – and nobody will see it.

The following tooth damages can be treated directly in our clinic in Egerkingen:

  • Cavities caused by decay
  • Chipped tooth edges
  • Minor flaws of the front teeth

Your advantage at Dentalspecialist:

Full ceramic fillings can be produced in our own laboratory in almost no time.

Find out more about the CEREC procedure and our prophylaxis service to preserve your teeth.

Ceramic and composite for invisible fillings made in the Canton of Solothurn

You see it in each pirate movie: the golden tooth. For many years, gold was the material of choice for fillings and inlays. Today, most patients prefer invisible materials:

  • Composite is a plastic material furnished with small ceramic particles and is the ideal solution for small and medium fillings. The colour is adjusted to exactly match that of your existing teeth.
  • Ceramic is used for larger inlays and for the visible area of your front teeth. The material is translucent and resembles the genuine dental enamel.
  • Ceramic inlays are adjusted in our own laboratory so that they fit precisely into the missing part of the affected tooth. We use the CEREC technology.

Aesthetic ceramic fillings are very durable and free of allergens

Ceramic is a natural material free of allergens. It is best suited for medium and large damages of the visible part of the teeth. Ceramic is:

  • very well tolerated,
  • insensitive to heat or cold,
  • neutral: your sense of taste is not affected.
Preserving instead of replacing:

Quick and invisible repairs for damaged teeth. Book an appointment:

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