Well-advised – Well-treated

In our clinic for orthodontics we work out an individual and efficient treatment opportunity for you and your children in accordance with the most modern standards of dentistry.

Our treatment is entirely characterised by the acronym “DCT”: Diagnosis, Consultation, and the drafting of a cohesive Treatment plan customised for your child.

First we conduct a thorough examination and present you with various possible treatment methods. While removable braces are completely sufficient in some cases, complex tooth displacements can only be corrected with fixed braces.

We then take photos of the patient. These are close-ups of the mouth area. We need this picture in order to better assess the situation surrounding the teeth.

During the same session we cast plaster models of the patient’s upper and lower jaw.

We also take X-rays, which provide us with information about the patient’s bone structures and the roots of their teeth.

What you should bring to the parent consultation

  • The first meeting is decisive for the rest of the treatment. We thus ask you to plan for a sufficient amount of time.
  • Please also remember to bring your child’s allergy ID.
  • Do you have any X-rays or casts of the jaw no older than half a year? Then please bring these as well.