Good Health Starts in the Mouth

Tooth displacements are far more than just an aesthetic problem. If the teeth don’t contact each other correctly this can lead to excessive strain on the mandibular joints. Masticatory muscles that are strained for a long period of time can trigger a regular cascade of physical symptoms such as tension in the back of the neck, vertigo, ringing in the ears, and even migraines. Malocclusion can also severely wear the teeth down and make them more sensitive to pain.

Individual orthodontic treatment for better quality of life

At our dental clinic in Egerkingen you and your children can expect an extensive range of modern orthodontic treatments. Our orthodontist, Dr. Kristina Sleiter-Bajic, will help you toward your comfortable smile with reliable diagnosis, individual prevention, and modern treatment methods. Depending on the situation, the orthodontic treatment will either entail removable, fixed, or “invisible” braces.

Our modern technical equipment, combined with years of experience in the field of orthodontic dentistry, allows us to provide you and your children with the most effective and gentle methods for the correction of tooth and jaw displacement, and it not only helps you get a harmonious smile, but also some of your quality of life. Because like they say, good health starts in the mouth.