A Must for a Beautiful Smile

Why braces are a must for a beautiful smile

Almost nothing gives a face as much charm as a harmonious mouth. Teeth are of crucial significance in this regard. Unfortunately, nature has not at last given all of us flawless rows of teeth. Certain habits, like chewing one’s fingernails, can also influence how the teeth are positioned. However, nobody should give up the dream of a radiant smile. Ideal results can be achieved with orthodontic treatment, especially at a young age.

The best time for changes

Even more important than forming the right aesthetic is creating a functional balance and perfect harmony between the mouth muscles, jaws, and teeth.

Between the ages of ten and fourteen, the jaw bones undergo a major growth spurt, which is why functional therapy promises the best results. However, orthodontic treatment may be advisable as early as primary school age in the event of conspicuous diagnoses like overbite (e.g. “buckteeth”).

A beautiful smile makes you healthy

Along with the chewing and biting function, straight teeth can also have a positive impact on speech and breathing. It is especially important to place equal strain on the teeth when chewing. Displaced teeth often lead to excessive strain on the mandibular muscles and joints, which can especially lead to painful tension in the back and the nape of the neck in young adults. Straight rows of teeth also provide significant hygienic benefits. They are generally much easier to clean than slanted teeth, significantly reducing the risk of decay.

The treatment plan is as unique as the patient’s dental situation. During the first session Dr. Sleiter-Bajic will perform a precise examination of the teeth, the jaw, and the mandibular joint. The subsequent casting of the teeth allows for prompt production of the dentition model. During that same session, your orthodontic specialist will determine the current dental situation both with a photo camera as well as a special digital X-ray device. This allows to quickly ascertain how the teeth are anchored in the jaw and how strong their roots are. Based on this assessment a detailed, unique treatment recommendation will be compiled.

About braces and brackets

Gone are the days when the fixed braces were solely made of metal. Nowadays patients can opt for transparent, and thus highly aesthetic, ceramic versions.

It’s never too late for a beautiful smile.

Anyone who had to, or wanted to, avoid braces as a child can, of course, receive the orthodontic treatment as an adult. The resulting correction of the teeth can make one’s entire visage look much more harmonious.

Speed brackets

Compared to conventional systems, speed brackets are smaller and thus easier to clean. At our clinic in Egerkingen we embed these brackets when treating all patients. The arch – a wire that moves the teeth – is fastened with a small clasp and is very easy to adjust. We prefer to give adolescents and adults the less conspicuous ceramic braces.

Costs of treatment

The tax-point-value in our clinic for orthodontic treatment is 3.50 Swiss Francs. The treatments are billed incrementally and in detail in accordance with the SSO scale of charges. Payment in instalments is also allowed. The treatment costs generally depend on the severity of the displacement and the work involved in correcting this.