We Help with Injuries

In medicine, the word trauma describes injuries or damage caused by external influences. These occurrences may be both mental and physical. The term always covers the entire situation, and not just the specific injury. At our dental clinic in Egerkingen we regularly work with complex damage caused by external force. An oral surgeon’s field of specialty covers injuries of the teeth, the bone structures of jaws and face, and the tissue segments.

The teeth are usually directly affected by accidents: This may include complete tooth loss, damage to the crowns or the tooth roots, damage to the periodontium, or the jaw bones. Teeth that have been knocked out or loosened can be saved: Injuries of this type should be treated as quickly as possible, and a dental clinic or practice should be consulted right away. As oral surgeons we have a many ways to treat injured teeth. We can implant teeth that have fallen out into the original socket in order to preserve the tooth.

In the event of a complete tooth loss you need to avoid that the tooth root dries out. If you don’t have a tooth saving kit with a special nutrient solution on hand, teeth or portions of them can also be transported in cold, non-perishable milk. In any case you should immediately contact your dentist! The teeth of active children and adolescents are particularly at risk.

We are happy to explain in our clinic how you can protect your children’s teeth, such as by providing their own athletic mouth guard.