Your Oral Health in Good Hands

Most people immediately consult a dentist when they get toothaches. This is the right decision, too, because untreated inflammations can put the entire body at risk.

You should thus always consult your dentist for any pain in the mouth area. In complex cases, like translocated wisdom teeth or changes in the oral mucosa, your dentist will refer you to an oral surgery specialist.

The oral surgery specialist’s years of specialist education and extensive practical experience allow him to determine and pursue the right method of treatment for every patient. Here to help you is Dr. Roberto Sleiter, an experienced oral surgeon who has been the senior consultant in the Oral Surgery Department at the University of Bern since 2009.

Modern oral surgery in all aspects


At our oral surgery clinic in Egerkingen we cover the entire spectrum of modern oral surgery – starting with the removal of wisdom teeth, to the treatment of inflammations of the gums and oral mucosa, all the way up to bone reconstruction.

With substantiated know-how, modern technical equipment, and differential diagnostic distinctions, we have mastered complex oral surgical challenges.