Knowing First What to Expect

Information regarding the revised dentists’ rates

The Swiss Dentist Association SSO (Schweizerische Zahnärzte-Gesellschaft) and their social partners of the accident insurance (Unfallversicherung – UV), the military insurance (Militärversicherung – MV) and the disability insurance (Invalidenversicherung – IV) signed the revised dentists’ rates scheme in Bern on 3rd May 2017. This means that invoicing will be more transparent for patients and insurers. The revised rate scheme now includes reference numbers which correctly represent the portfolio of services offered in modern dentistry. The underlying cost model was also updated and adjusted to the economic reality of today’s dental surgeries.
The revised rate scheme will become effective from 1st January 2018.

Rate Scheme – Dentotar valid from 01st January 2018:

Private patientsRate Conversion Factor: 1.10
OrthodonticsRate Conversion Factor: 1.05
Dentistry for school children / childrenRate Conversion Factor: 1.00
Insurance tariff / UV / MV / IV / AKSORate Conversion Factor: 1.00