Ensuring Tooth Retention with Us

What happens if you don’t clean your kitchen for a long time? Countless germs and bacteria build up. Not all of them are harmful, but some of them can cause serious diseases. Adhering to the rules of hygiene is thus the top priority in the home. The same principle applies to oral hygiene. If this is neglected, bacteria can quickly multiply and damage the periodontium.

How does gum inflammation become noticeable?

The first signs of bacterial infection of the periodontium could be bleeding of the gums, swelling, and toothaches. Patients often complain of a bad taste in their mouth, accompanied by bad breath. If you notice one or more of the symptoms described, you should notify your dental clinic in Egerkingen as soon as possible. If periodontitis – a disease of the gum and periodontium – goes unreported, the patient may quickly have to give up one or more teeth.

Bacterial foci that multiply unimpeded cause recession of the gums and cause the gum pockets to enlarge.

How is the inflammation treated?

If the periodontitis is in its early stages, it is usually enough to thoroughly clean and then polish the gum pockets. To do this we remove the tartar (concretion) responsible for the inflammation. If the inflammation is advanced, a periodontal surgery must be performed. The depth of the gum pocket, which is measured precisely during the examination, determines the necessity of an operation. If the depth is three millimetres at the most, the periodontitis is treated using the conventional method.

However, if it is deeper than six millimetres, this constitutes a severe inflammatory reaction that necessitates an additional incision of the gums. At our dental clinic in Egerkingen we proceed as follows: During the periodontal surgery the attending surgeon will first separate the gum (gingiva) from the tooth and then conduct a thorough cleaning of the gum pockets. The dentist then cleans the surface of the roots under visual control, and sews up the wound.

How can periodontitis be prevented?

The foundation of your oral health is good tooth care in your own home. Thorough brushing with the gentlest toothpaste possible, and flossing between the teeth, are thus absolutely obligatory for a beautiful, unblemished smile.

With regular follow-up and preventative appointments at our dental clinic, we help you get a radiant and, most importantly, healthy smile. Learn all the important details about prophylaxis and teeth cleaning at our dental clinic in Egerkingen.