When it’s Already Almost too late

Inflammations of the tooth nerves or roots are often the reason for acute, long-lasting tooth pain. The trigger may be advanced decay that has extended to the region of the nerve and roots. Teeth whose roots have already been treated can also cause pain if the root fillings are no longer functioning. Teeth can usually be preserved in the event of diseases of the nerve or roots.



Tooth retention with endodontics

Endodontics is the study of the inside of the tooth, and one of the topics it covers is treating the paper-thin canals in the tooth roots. High-resolution optical aids (magnifying spectacles) allow us to take a more precise look into this region of your teeth. The finest special tools are used to remove bacteria and inflamed tissue from the root canals. The root canals are then mechanically worked up, rinsed with disinfectant, filled, and sealed with synthetic material.

Root-end resection

Should inflammations of the ends of the roots prove to be too stubborn, we can remove them with a minor operation. We make a small incision in the oral mucosa and completely remove the end of the root and other inflamed tissue. In this procedure as well the root canals are ultimately cleaned, disinfected, and tightly sealed with a filling.