Laughing Gas at the Dental Clinic

For us it’s important that you receive stress-free treatment at our dental clinic in Egerkingen. Uncomfortable experiences stay with you as you age, especially children, and can get in the way of crucial preventative and follow-up visits at the clinic.

We use a variety of modern anaesthetic techniques in order to provide the most pain-free and relaxed treatment possible. Along with local anaesthesia, or partial and general anaesthesia, we also offer sedation via laughing gas. This facilitates risk-free relaxation during treatment for children above the age of 5 and adults.

How do we use laughing gas?

The patient receives the composite of laughing gas (approx. 1/3) and oxygen (approx. 2/3) through a nose mask. You remain fully conscious, but go through the treatment relaxed and stress-free! After the treatment we stop the flow of laughing gas and you inhale oxygen for a few minutes so that the rest of the laughing gas can quickly leave the body. Thanks to the new procedure, sickness resulting from the treatment can almost entirely be ruled out.

After the treatment you can go about your daily routine without any additional side-effects, and you can even drive.

A reminder of the greatest benefits:

  • The duration and effect of the treatment can be individually adjusted.
  • Relaxed, stress-free treatment.
  • No side-effects.

We will be happy to discuss whether laughing gas treatment is suitable for you during an extensive consultation.

Through our constant advanced training we are always up to date, with the goal of giving you relaxed, pain-free treatment.