Solutions for Minor Defects

Replacing lost tooth substance is necessary for aesthetic and functional reasons. The dental clinic has various materials available for this. From the classic amalgam fillings, gold or synthetic, to ceramic fillings that can barely be distinguished from the natural teeth. In very little time, we produce full ceramic fillings and crowns for our patients in out clinic’s own lab.



Perfect fillings cannot be seen

These days, most patients ask for invisible materials that don’t contain any harmful or allergenic substances. This is when composite (synthetic material mixed with ceramic particles) fillings and restorations, applied in multiple layers for small to medium-sized defects, come to good use. Composite fillings can be adjusted to match the exact colour and shape of the patients’ natural teeth. If the teeth are more severely damaged by decay or mechanical strains, so-called inlays are used. The inlay is adjusted to precisely match the missing tooth substance, and is usually made from ceramic. We offer our patients in Egerkingen a quick and comfortable solution with the modern CEREC procedure – in just one sitting!

Ceramic inlays are the ideal alternative for medium-sized defects, as they are somewhat superior to composites in terms of hardness and the traits of the material. Along with aesthetics, hardness, and accuracy of fit, ceramic inlays impress with other characteristics as well:

  • high compatibility,
  • smooth surface hard for bacteria to hold on to,
  • insensible to hot or cold temperatures,
  • no impact on taste,
  • stabilisation of very thin dental walls.