Good Health Starts in the Mouth

We live up to this fact every day at our dental clinic – for our patients’ health. This is because your teeth and gums aren’t the only important aspects of our work as dentists. Oral health has a major impact on our general health, and thus on our well-being and quality of life. Whenever the many millions of bacteria in the oral cavity become dangerous and cause diseases like periodontitis, it’s about more than just potential tooth loss: Untreated periodontitis – chronic inflammation of the gums – increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, joint inflammations, rheumatoid arthritis, and miscarriage.

If periodontitis is present, all that will help are modern periodontological treatment methods and professional dental hygiene, which we specialise in at our clinic.



Our clinic’s dental hygienist is your contact for “lifelong healthy teeth“. Our team consists of eight highly trained employees who tend to the oral health of all of our patients, both young and old.

Our dental hygienists are seasoned experts who are prepared to help you

  • recognise and handle the risks for your dental health early,
  • keep your teeth and periodontium free from bacterial deposits,
  • maintain tooth function and facilitate unimpeded eating and speaking,
  • maintain your oral health and quality of life into old age.

At our clinic, the dental hygienists inform patients of the significance of optimal oral health and explain the causes of possible diseases of the teeth and gums. Preventative approaches are especially important, meaning that the dental hygienist will guide you toward optimal oral hygiene by instructing you how to use the hygienic materials that suit your needs, in order to prevent diseases of the teeth and periodontium. The dental hygienist is responsible for planning and conducting all prophylactic and professional teeth cleaning measures.

The dental hygienists at your dental clinic in Egerkingen possess the “Swiss Dental Hygienist Certification HF”!

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Clean teeth rarely get diseased

One of our core tasks as dentists is preserving your oral health. Together we lay the foundations for dental and gum health with a unique prophylaxis concept. The bacterial coating on the teeth, which we also call plaque or biofilm, has to be regularly, thoroughly removed. This allows us to not only protect your general health, but also to prevent the loss of teeth and implants. This is because bacterial inflammation of the periodontium, or periodontitis, leads to massive deterioration of the jaw bone over time, and the teeth and implants lose their hold.

For purposes of the dental prophylaxis, our dental hygienists first obtain a comprehensive picture of your oral health and then discuss the necessary measures.

  • We measure the pocket depth in order to ascertain any inflammations and bone deterioration in the periodontium.
  • We determine the amount of plaque.
  • In special cases we analyse the amount and type of germs and bacteria.
  • We test the bleeding tendency of the gums.



PTC – Professional Teeth Cleaning

At our clinic the dental hygienists remove all plaque with ultrasound or manual instruments. This allows for the removal of bacterial deposits in areas that the brush and floss cannot reach – especially underneath the gingival margin and in the deep gum pockets. After thorough cleaning, the teeth are polished and fluoridated in order to strengthen the tooth substance.

Along with the prophylaxis and regular check-ups at our dental clinic, daily oral hygiene at home and a dentally suited diet are other pillars of optimal oral health. Our patients get all of the necessary information, tips, and tricks from our dental hygienists!