The Concept for Your Firm Teeth

With the “All-on-4®” treatment method we have a scientifically established and clinically tested concept that has already helped many people. The name comes from the number of implants: At least four artificial tooth roots per jaw serve as fixed and secure columns for a complete bridge – an entire row of teeth. Depending on the patient’s situation, six implants can also be embedded in the upper jaw. The implants should be embedded in precisely calculated positions and be at an ideal distance from each other. The two posterior implants can be fixed at a slanted angle. The structure is so stable that we can apply a fixed bridge within just a few hours, and tedious reconstruction of the jaw bones is not necessary in many cases.

That’s why we also talk about “firm teeth in one day”! For the patients, this means that you will come to our clinic in the morning with dentures or teeth that aren’t worth preserving. In just one sitting, teeth are extracted upon request and the implants are embedded right away. That same evening you will be smiling at everyone around you with your first fixed bridge. You can find the potential course of one day of treatment here!



New teeth from our dental lab

The master dental technicians will discuss the colour of the new teeth with you and aesthetically adjust them perfectly to suit your preference. Even the first – temporary – treatment is of extremely high quality and is more than just a replacement for everyday use. At our clinic’s own lab we work hand in hand with the dental technicians, and have one guarantee above all else: Nobody will notice that these are replacements – that’s what our work stands for!



Three-dimensional planning and gentle treatment

In order for us to successfully implement a treatment concept like “All-on-4®“, we have to plan each individual implant in detail and uniquely for each patient. To this end we have our patients X-rayed at all levels by a DVT, or digital volume tomography. The digital pictures give us precise insight into the current state of the bones, vessels, and nerve pathways – allowing us to know exactly how we have to embed the implants. An operation template shows us the positions in the patient’s mouth and the smallest openings in the mucosa are enough to be able to embed the artificial tooth roots.

Additional information on “navigated, minimally invasive implantology”

Course of treatment

In order to give you a rough idea of what a day of treatment looks like, we’ve summarised the major stages into a sort of “schedule”. Of course there will be certain deviations and details, all depending on the individual patient’s own unique situation.

  • 08:00 – We welcome you to our clinic in Egerkingen, Canton of Solothurn.
  • 08:30 – The anaesthetist places you under general anaesthesia, twilight sleep, or administers a local anaesthetic – whichever you prefer.
  • 08:45 – Dr. Sleiter begins with the implantation.
  • 10:30 – The operation is complete and you can wake up calmly. The dental technician then takes the X-ray and starts creating your first temporary replacement tooth in our clinic’s own lab.
  • 16:30 – You see your new, firm teeth for the first time, which you can wear for up to twelve months. During this time we can make any necessary adjustments and corrections for the final replacement.
  • 18:00 – You leave our clinic and show the world your new – totally resilient – teeth!

We will see you again for the first important follow-up visits after six and twelve weeks. Later we will take one X-ray per year if necessary, and discuss the crucial hygiene and care at your home and in our clinic. After one year at the latest, you will receive your final replacements.



Here again are the benefits of our “firm teeth in one day” concept:

  • We set the implants following a scientifically proven and clinically tested method.
  • The treatment is usually gentle and almost painless, and can be conducted under general anaesthesia if desired.
  • Within a few hours you will have a firm, stable, and aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement.
  • The low number of implants also protects your wallet.
  • Tedious bone reconstruction is not necessary in most cases.
  • You can enjoy your life with firm teeth, and keeping dentures in a glass of water is history.