Digital and Patient-Friendly

The success of our implant treatments depends on various factors. The experience and skills of the team and the attending oral surgeon, Dr. Sleiter, are ultimately crucial. However, the innovative technical equipment used by our clinic in Egerkingen plays a significant role in your safe and gentle treatment.



Planned from the start

In medicine we don’t like to leave anything to chance. This especially applies to surgical procedures, like implantation. By using innovative X-ray technology and the corresponding software we can individually plan the specific treatment steps for every patient. The digital technology gives us the necessary information to be able to simulate the implant on the computer in advance. This increases our patients’ safety!



We X-ray digitally and in 3D

We require an extensive depiction of the current situation both for every small operation and for complex surgical procedures. Before implantation it is important that we precisely ascertain the location of the nerve pathways and the condition of the jaw bones and teeth. In our clinic we use DVT – digital volume tomography. This state-of-the-art technology works with far less radiation than most X-ray devices and gives us high-resolution, digital images in 3D. This means that we not only protect our patients, but also the environment, because digital X-ray technology does not use any chemicals that are harmful to the environment.



Navigated implantology is patient-friendly

The three-dimensional depiction on the computer forms the basis for the perfect positioning of the specific implant. Once we have determined this, our technicians produce a so-called drill template. With this template we transfer the position of the implant to our patient. During the operation the template thus “navigates” the precision drill that clears the path for the implant via a tiny opening in the mucosa. This is a minimally invasive method for treating our patients: We abstain from using a scalpel, and no large incisions are necessary! For our patients, this means:

  • almost no damaged tissue
  • a greatly shortened treatment time
  • almost no pain right after treatment
  • faster and uncomplicated healing of the implant

Dr. Roberto Sleiter provides more information in a TV show on the subject (2011 – Top Med).