Without Fear, with Newfound Courage

But honestly, dearest patients: Your teeth don’t belong in a glass of water at night – they need to be firmly and securely stored – in your mouth! Yet for many people, removable dentures are part of their daily routine, and some have been doing it for decades. The consequences can take dramatic turns, including social alienation. Those who no longer dare smile, and who are afraid of showing their teeth during every conversation, will pull back at some point – both professionally and privately.

But their health suffers, too: Toothless patients only eat what they are able to eat. Broth and soups are on the menu every day. States of deficiency are drastically advanced, especially in older patients. The missing teeth and years of wearing full dentures with a palatal plate lead to other negative changes as well. Because of the lack of pressure from natural tooth roots and the lack of constant chewing pressure, the jaw bones deteriorate further. The lips, chin, and cheeks shrink, and the person appears old and sick!



A new quality of life with implants

Modern implantology makes it possible for us to firmly embed artificial tooth roots into the jaw bones, and equip them with premium, aesthetically pleasing replacement teeth. We don’t just close up small and large gaps with crowns and bridges on top of implants – at our dental clinic in Egerkingen, we can help patients without any teeth get a significant degree of their quality of life back! And patients who were unhappy for decades with removable full dentures are looking for a solution that will give them the help they long for as quickly as possible: such as our concept for “firm teeth in one day”.